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January 05, 2008


Alessandro Melillo

good work, really.
I'm glad I helped you, after all I'm an architect and it's the kind of work I appreciate! :-)
Just a couple of things: it should be pointed out that among the images from my website you also took a Steve Williams' one, the picture showing a Vespa in front of a steep elbow slope amidst green weed.
Steve blogs on his "Scooter in the Sticks" you may find here:
and there's a typo at the end of the video where you wrote "vespavEgabond" instead of "vespavAgabond", but it's a non-issue, as mrs, Shreve Stockton stopped her blog, till fall at least.

Nice indeed, keep on working, and *get a Vespa*, your life will be much better!

Alessandro Melillo

Alessandro Melillo

hello Tess, Steve Williams is found here:
http://vespalx150.blogspot.com, it's the world-wide known "Scooter in the Sticks".
I posted your project on my weblog, go take a look!
and,oh, i just noticed,i'm a FormZ user too, even though I don't like it too much! I prefer Blender! (www.blender.org)


Uncle Brucie

Ciao sweetie molto freddo effettivamente. Mi rende il desiderio che ancora ho avuto mio P250!

Lisa Hoffman

Fabulous presentation! I really liked the spaces you created along with the natural flow. Outstanding way finding. I wish it could be built as I'd love to see and experience the spaces and materials.

Jim Cox, AIA
(Friend of your proud parents, as they should be)

Patrice Bodell

I was researching for a project for my 3D Max class for school. I attend the Art Institute of CA-Inland Empire, and I fell upon your project. It is awesome! LOL! I love the organic shapes and feeling of being in the outside while you're inside vibe you created. You have a talent. Good luck to you!

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